Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Minecraft builds

I thought I'd post a few photos of what I've built in one of my Minecraft Xbox 360 worlds.  Most of these I found online elsewhere so I'm not saying that I actually Minecraft-ised the stuff.

First up is the Companion Cube which is the first thing I built.  All 6 sides are complete even though you're unlikely to see the top or bottom.  I then added Chell.  I couldn't be bothered to make her to scale compared to the cube.  That would've been too much bother.

I then thought I'd add G-Man and Gordon Freeman to represent Black Mesa.

Then there's Pyramid Head.  I am a big Silent Hill fan but I'm possibly in the minority that I'm not too keen on SH2.  I did like the extensions to the mythology but I just couldn't care about James and his lethargic, suicidal tendencies.  I got bored with his stupid decisions.  I did love Pyramid Head though (not a fan of the Red Pyramid name).

I was hoping that the cameo in SH:Homecoming would lead to more appearances and maybe even see a little glimpse of someone else in SH or Shepherd's Glen (I can't remember where the cameo took place) and that would lead to another game in which we see the reverse happening.  that would've been nice.  Shame it didn't happen.  Anyways, enough about Silent Hill for now.

And  if we have Silent Hill, we've got to have Resident Evil.  So I built a big house with this as the ground floor.  I'm standing on the top stair which is directly across from the entrance.  Also, underneath the stairs there's a not-so-secret switch that opens a hole in the floor that leads to...

...the test labs.  T- and G-Virus statues in the center with 3 labs on each side.  Each lab has their own desk, workbench, decontamination room and holding cell for creatures.  the lab also has a rail going to the End Portal which was handily nearby.  I built a Nether Portal in the same dungeon as a sort of expedition center for Umbrella.

And while we're doing horror things I might as well put up a Cute Cthulhu on top of a hill overlooking the world like he should be.  He's also near the east of the map which has plenty of water that I'm sure is connected to the Pacific.

I thought I'd have a bit of fun and recreate the hedge maze from Kubrick's The Shining.  It's actually taken from the map of the maze when the family are getting the tour.  I did think about doing the maze Wendy and Danny walk through in the film but realised that it'd be far too big to put in the space avaliable (I've got other buildings in the world that I'm not taking photos of as they're pretty boring).

And then there's the base of operations with what I think is a nice lava/water display.  The building next to the farm has a fully stocked underground bunker for end of the world happenings aswell as a library and hidden work areas.  the small wooden building behind that is the railway station that connects to each building shown previously.

One thing I forgot to show is the lookout tower in the distance which has a battle arena below it with fully stocked dispensers for levelling up.  there's also a small room nearby that has creature eggs in them to refill the dispensers.

So that's it for my museum world.  I may add more things at some point (like Chris, Jill and a few zombies) but I'm not sure when.

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