Thursday, 20 October 2016

Zavvi's Suicide Squad ZBox

Zavvi's loot crate one off thing.  I think there were only 500 of these.  It was meant to be "released" on 31st August.  Got mine a couple of days ago.  Better late than never!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Fortean Times

So I don't take up Flook's comments section ( see here ) I thought I'd blog it instead ...

so, here's my FT collection:

Almost every issue from 69 (I think, can't read it in the photo and it's on the very bottom of the pile now!) to 305.  I think there's about 10 missing (2 of which I'm keeping as they're Exorcist and Lovecraft related).  Thought it'd be a good idea to take a photo with a few issues standing up to show how big the stacks are.  I haven't looked through them but as with most of my mags they're almost all in perfect nick.  There may be a few issues that have stuff missing but only if I'd ordered something from them and I can't remember that ever happening.

Hopefully someone will want them :)

Postage is not really an option for obvious reasons.  Haven't thought about a price for them.  Going by Flook's find this lot would have cost over £100, I'll not even take half that for the lot.

As for location?  As this is the interwebs all I'll say is that I'm within 2 hours of Edinburgh.

So... couch co-op

Couch co-op has changed in this house...

Downsides: had to buy a new Xbox 360, a few games, the unit, XBL Gold for another account (the TV was an old cheap HD one that's got shadows on it)