Wednesday, 7 January 2015

End of year music

I did a half year music purchaes so thought I'd do an end of year one with the rest of the CDs I've bought.  So much for not buying much for the rest of the year!

Aphex Twin - Syro
     The usual stuff you'd expect from Rich, but nothing really stands out which is a shame.  Still good to listen to.

Beastie Boys - License To Ill
     Not actually listened to this yet even though I bought it in August (I think).  I've liked the album for years but never owned it myself.  Thought I'd remedy that.

Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody
     I like a lot of piano based songs so I had to get this.  It's not your normal pop record which is probably why I like it.

Gilby Clarke - Swag
     Love his debut album (Pawnshop Guitars) but never heard any of his other stuff, saw this second hand and thought I'd give it a listen.  Pretty good rock/country stuff.

Nelly Furtado - Whoa, Nelly!
     Not too keen on Whoa, Nelly! but it was cheaper to buy both albums together than it was to just get Loose whih is a bit daft.  Liked a few of the tracks (All Good Things, No Hay Igual and Afraid) so I thought I'd see what the rest of the album was like.  More of the same which is no bad thing.

Garbage - Absolute Garbage
     Love them so much I have the first album at least 3 times (CD, double 12" vinyl and 7" box set).  Saw this cheap with the remix CD so thought I'd get it as I've liked some of the remixes they've released in the past.  Not actually listened to it yet.

Ghost B.C. - Infestissumam
     Saw a very brief clip of them live earlier this year on Sky Arts (I think it was highlights of Download) and was surprised at their sound.  Different to most things.  Love Secular Haze.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 1
     Really liked the film and it has some good tunes (Hooked on a Feeling, Spirit in the Sky).  Thought I'd buy it as it's different to most soundtracks released today and is more akin to something you'd get from Tarantino.

Iron Maiden - Flight 666
     'Nuff said really.  Maiden live are always great.

Labyrinth OST
     Nostalgia is a wonderfull thing.  And so is David Bowie.  With Danny John-Jules singing parts of Chilly Down.  Great kids film, but then it couldn't be bad with Jim Henson directing a Terry Jones story.  If only kids films today had the quality of the 80s Henson or Dahl stuff.

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
                     Born This Way
     Say what you will, I like her.  She's weird which is probably why I like her.  Dunno why Artpop didn't do so well, I liked it.

Last Action Hero OST
     Loved this album.  Particularly Fishbone's Swim and Alice In Chains' What The Hell Have I.  Shame Def Leppard are on there but it's a good mix of rock/metal.

Lorde - Pure Heroine
     Reminds me a lot of Joe Cocker (R.I.P.) when she's live.  Disappointed with the album a little, but haven't really properly listened to it yet.

Metallica - St. Anger
     Not really a fan of the stuff after The Black Album (Load was abysmal and Re-Load was even worse) but thought I'd give this a try.  Meh.

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole DVD
     Really like Muse.  Sound great for a three-piece band.

The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land
                       Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
     Had to replace Fat of the Land as mine was scratched to buggery.  And never had Always Outnumbered even though it has Juliette Lewis on it (love her punk stuff).  It's what you'd expect from them.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic
     Been a fan of them for a long time but I'm ashamed that I've never owned this until now.

Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
     Was disappointed in a few of his albums (Educated Horses, Hellbilly Deluxe 2) but thought I'd give him one last try.  It's better than those, but it's not as good as Hellbilly Deluxe or Sinister Urge.  Still, it's an improvement.  Maybe if he wasn't making naff horrors (Lords of Salem was a bore to watch, Halloween I and II weren't great) he'd write better music.

Royal Blood - Royal Blood
     For a two-piece band they have a great sound.  Proves that you don't need lead/rythm guitars to make a good rock album.  Shame it's a bit samey and only 33 mins but it's a good debut album.

Skunk Anansie - Smashes & Trashes
                            Acoustic - Live in London
     Been a fan since Paranoid & Sunburnt so I thought I'd round off the collection with the greatest hits with the DVD and the brilliant acoustic set they did last year.  Skin still has a great voice.

Soundgarden - Louder Than Love & BadMotorFinger
     Never had these albums, only ever had SuperUnknown.  Good blast from the past though.

Star & Dagger - Tomorrowland Blues
     Been a fan of Sean Yseult since White Zombie so I've always been interested in what she's doing.  Great blues/rock album.  Listen to In My Blood and Your Mama Was A Grifter if you're curious.

Type O Negative - World Coming Down
     There will never be another Type O.  Disappointing album but it's unmistakably Type O, just not as catchy or memorable.

The Wildhearts - Fishing For Luckies (double)
     This is the 2010 Lemon Recordings release with some of the B-Sides on disc 2.  The first disc is different to the other releases aswell (Inglorious, Lovebank, Schizophonic, Channel Bop, Geordie, Sky Babies, Drugs, Red Light, Soul Searching, Mood Swings, Flynn and Nite Songs).  It's a shame that the 2nd disc has the original version of 29x the Pain instead of the '96 version on the official vinyl rerelease.  Hopefully this is the last version they'll release for now!

Wolfmother - Wolfmother
     Was amazed at Stockdale's voice when he guested on Slash's By The Sword.  Disappointed with the album though.

ZZ Top - Eliminator
     Can't go wrong with ZZ Top.

Now That's What I call A Party
     A surprising amount of good tunes mixed in with some terrible ones.  I was surprised at how many pop songs on this I liked vs how many I didn't.