Sunday, 23 March 2014

My reading habits

I've been neglecting my book reading habits since Christmas but I thought I'd upload pics of some of my books.  Mainly, it's my Stephen King collection which probably takes up just under half of my overall amount.

I like to keep things in chronological order so I can see the differences in his writing styles at a glance.  It also helps keep the order fresh in mind when speaking to a friend about King.  Usually the ka-tet pops up in conversations somewhere.  Black 13 was a big talking point a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to read parts of DTV that are highlighted in the Concordance to check some info but never got round to it and now I can't remember what I was meant to be checking it for!

The ones that are upside down have still to be read and I've just noticed that the first big copies of The Dark Tower I and II on the top shelf should be upside down.  I've had them for probably 20 years now and never read them! :D

I'm currently (or was) reading Firestarter.  I've just got to the end of the incident at the farm house.

Favourite book so far?  Either The Dark Half, The Green Mile or the DT series.

Least liked book?  Tommyknockers or Under The Dome.  It took me the best part of a year to read through those two books.

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