Sunday, 30 March 2014

Minecraft (warning, large photos)

I was playing the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft with DeadpanFlook yesterday and he was having what we thought was a slight lag issue where the world wouldn't load and he fell into a pit and died.  When I was walking to where I thought I last saw him I noticed some XP orbs in the water and some of his items were there but some weren't to be seen anywhere so they might have fallen through the ground somehow.  Strangely that chuck wouldn't load at all.  Even today when he popped into the world it was still a big gaping hole.

 Handy to see there's a dungeon there.

 The view from the dungeon.

(Couldn't tell where this was taken from.  Looks weird as there's 2 chunks that haven't loaded.  I think the hill on the right is the mushroom biome but I couldn't tell where in the cavern the photo was taken.)

It's weird that the chunks just won't load at all.  I've seen this lag glitch before on the Rooster Teeth  Let's Play Minecraft videos but it always resolves itself.  Maybe a cache clean would solve the problem.

Hopefully it'll resolve itself the next time.

In the meantime here's a few things I built from googling minecraft:

Since those photos were taken I've added G-Man and Gordon Freeman next to the Companion Cube.  I'll hopefully be adding a Nurse to the Pyramid Head area and possibly Chris and Jill to the RE mansion.

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