Saturday, 16 July 2016

Fortean Times

So I don't take up Flook's comments section ( see here ) I thought I'd blog it instead ...

so, here's my FT collection:

Almost every issue from 69 (I think, can't read it in the photo and it's on the very bottom of the pile now!) to 305.  I think there's about 10 missing (2 of which I'm keeping as they're Exorcist and Lovecraft related).  Thought it'd be a good idea to take a photo with a few issues standing up to show how big the stacks are.  I haven't looked through them but as with most of my mags they're almost all in perfect nick.  There may be a few issues that have stuff missing but only if I'd ordered something from them and I can't remember that ever happening.

Hopefully someone will want them :)

Postage is not really an option for obvious reasons.  Haven't thought about a price for them.  Going by Flook's find this lot would have cost over £100, I'll not even take half that for the lot.

As for location?  As this is the interwebs all I'll say is that I'm within 2 hours of Edinburgh.


  1. Ooh...bit tempted, but low on cash for the foreseeable future! Also not sure I'd ever leave the house again if I had all those to read! Hehe...

    They're a great read though, so somebody should snap them up! :)

    1. Heh, I can see how leaving the house would be a problem. At least if the internet went down you'd still have something to do :)

  2. Hmm, was going to suggest a quick and easy thing... I'm working in Aberdeen in a few weeks but just checked on a map and that's still two and a half hours from Edinburgh, arg! I'm in Liverpool myself...

    Guess I'll just have to think of it as a pipe dream, got a massive enough reading backlog as it is, bah.

    1. Googling Liverpool to Aberdeen and using the car route you pass pretty close so it may not be a pipe dream.

      I can't see a way to contact you privately on the blog (I don't even know if it's possible) to exchange email addresses... any ideas?

    2. Hmmm.... Facebook? Or Instagram if you're that way inclined?

    3. Not on instagram, deleted my facebook account a few weeks ago.

      Twitter? ( @GreigShelob )